Connsbrook Avenue Congregational Church has been on this site since 1899.

We are a group of ordinary people from different walks of life who seek to follow Jesus Christ and want others to have the same experience of knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

We meet together each Sunday at 11am and 7pm to worship our God and Creator. Our worship consists of us singing hymns, praying and reading and listening to God’s word, The Bible. Little children are catered for with a creche if necessary.

It is important for us to sit and hear what God has revealed to us through His Word. Many people think that the Bible tells us that we have to be good to get to heaven. But the Bible actually teaches us that no one is good and that we all need someone to help us get to heaven.

Jesus is the only one who was good and he came into this world to save sinners by giving his life for such people. He took their punishment so that they will never be punished for the bad they have done.

It is a wonderful message that God was willing to punish someone else for the wrong things we have done. What love!! What mercy!!