EMF Conference

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This morning [Saturday 25th March 2017] we hosted the European Mission Fellowship Conference, which we do once a year.

We were glad to welcome Ian Parry [Mission Director], Istvan Salanki [Pastor of a Hungarian speaking church in London] and Jose de Segovia [Minister of a church in Madrid].

The meeting commenced with a hymn [Great is the gospel] before Istvan and Jose were interviewed by Ian and Phil Dunn [EMF NI Rep]. It was an opportunity to hear about the work the two men are involved and the difficulties they face in their separate ministries. One interesting point that Jose made was that the evangelical churches in Spain have more freedom under a secular government than they did when the Roman Catholic church had more power and influence.

After a break for tea/coffee/refreshments, Ian preached an encouraging message from Genesis 20 and reminded us that

  • God is bigger than we think.
  • Things are not as bad as we think.
  • Our calling is greater than we think, and
  • It is harder to stop the gospel than we think.

Our closing hymn was The Power of The Cross.

Overall a good and encouraging time was had. It was good to see folk interested in the bookstore and hanging around afterwards to speak to each other and those who took part.


Daniel Webber – Istvan Salanki – Jose de Segovia – Ian Parry – Phil Dunn