Visiting the sick

I was visiting an elderly gentleman from church today. He has only just come home from 4 weeks in hospital. While at his home a member of the care team came to see him. I was struck by a couple of things; how good our NHS is. He gets four visits a day for 6 […]

A Book Worth Reading

I recently read David Murray’s book ‘How Sermon’s Work’. It is not too long and easy to read. It is aimed at those of us who have the privilege of preaching the Word of God on a regular basis but it would be helpful for everyone who sits and listens to sermons as it will […]

Anything worth reading?

One thing I have learned in writing blogs on WordPress is that it can share the blog with all number of other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter etc. However, I am not sure if I can share it with a particular Facebook group of friends or does it send it to all and sundry?  […]

Sunday 25th February 2018

This Sunday we were looking at the question ‘What is the God we pray to like?’ Our Minister was preaching from Nehemiah 9 and in the morning we were reminded of the Greatness of God and in the evening, The Goodness of God.