Sunday 5th March 2017

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In the morning it was our monthly Communion Service and our text was John 10:9.

  • Jesus is the door of access into the people of God and to God the Father [John 14:6].
  • Jesus is the door of provision [John 10:9], He provides all we need for salvation.
  • Jesus is the door of protection, all who enter through Him are saved for eternity [John 10:28-9].
  • Jesus is the door to abundant life [John 10:10].

Our hymns were

  • Lord of the cross of shame,
  • Name of all majesty,
  • See, what a morning and
  • Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all.

In the evening we looked at the 10 plagues of Egypt and what lessons we learn from them. They teach us

God sees sin and will judge it.

God is the only true God.

God cares for His people.

Our hymns were

  • I sing the almighty power of God
  • Through all the changing scenes of life
  • Almighty God, Your word is cast
  • O that the Lord would guide my ways.