Wednesday 1st March 2017

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This evening we were looking at Mr Talkative in our studies in Pilgrim’s Progress. What an interesting character!

Here is a man who loves to talk about anything, but especially about the Bible. He could talk to you about sin, the cross, repentance, forgiveness and the rest. He had a good knowledge and understanding about these topics.

Yet, sadly, that is all it was too him. Knowledge. He could talk about sin, but would not acknowledge his own. He could talk about repentance but he had never repented. He could talk a lot about Jesus, but had never come to see his own need of Jesus to save him.

Knowledge is a good thing, an essential thing, if we are too know our sins are forgiven through Jesus. But a knowledge that does lead to action is very dangerous. People can know their Bible inside out and pass any examination in Religious Studies, and yet still be lost.

He is a warning to believer and unbeliever alike. Does our knowledge of God and the Bible stay in our head or change our lives?