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We are delighted that the local Government has lifted restrictions so we can meet in our church building again. However, coming to church is going to be a little different from what we have been used to.

The newly issued Government guidelines for safe worship will be adhered to and implemented. Although the executive has reduced the distance to 1m (just over 3ft) we have decided to stick with the original 2m (6ft) to begin with, to build confidence as our congregation returns to normality.

We will adopt a phased return. At present, from 1st July 2020, we will be meeting at the church on a Sunday but only for our Morning Worship at 11am. There will be no evening service yet. We will also meet on Wednesdays at 7.45pm for our Bible Study/Prayer Meeting.

In line with the Government guidance, we recognise some people will be unable to join us at the minute in church, so we will continue to provide the sermons to everyone through our YouTube channel [see the link on the left hand side of this page].

Should you attend?

The current Government advice says if you are over the age of 70 and who have underlying health conditions, you should remain at home. If someone in your household is shielding then you should stay at home as well. If you have a cough and are feeling unwell please stay at home. If you are showing any symptoms of COVID19 or if you have been told to shield we would ask that you stay at home until you are better and/or when the Government allows those shielding to go back out in early August. This is our first tentative step for regathering and we need to put everyone’s health first.

Thank you for all your continued support at this time.

How have you been coping during this lockdown? These are strange days we are living in, aren’t they? They are worrying times. People are fearful of catching the corona-virus. People have had it and thankfully have made a good recovery. Sadly, some haven’t.

During this time, many people’s thoughts have turned to think about God, heaven, hell and eternity. According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 people have prayed during this crisis.

If you are worried about these issues and want to find out more, the folk behind Christianity Explored have made their videos freely available for a certain time. Why not sit in the comfort of your own home and watch these short videos which explain the Christian faith in an easy to listen to fashion. You can find the videos HERE.

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If you need to contact our Minister in regard to the church or if you are interested in the Christian faith, please hit the Contact link under the church photo above.


If you are fearful about the corona-virus situation? Here is a helpful video that might help and is worth watching.