A Book Worth Reading

A Book Worth Reading

I recently read David Murray’s book ‘How Sermon’s Work’.
It is not too long and easy to read.

It is aimed at those of us who have the privilege of preaching the Word of God on a regular basis but it would be helpful for everyone who sits and listens to sermons as it will show you how much work should go into preparing a sermon.

Each chapter tackles a different ‘tool’ that the preacher needs to use if he is to get the most from the text.

I found what he said regarding exegesis and application particularly helpful.

Whether or not you are just starting out as a preacher or you have been preaching for some time, I would recommend you get this book and have a quick read. It might not teach the older preacher anything new, but it might remind them of something they should be doing but aren’t. I would say it is is a simple refresher course of what we learnt [and maybe have forgotten!!] at theological college.

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