If you are on this page you are wondering what Christians mean when we talk about salvation. The word of course makes us think about being saved from something – something that is of course undesirable. God and salvation lead us to consider the ULTIMATE QUESTIONS in life. Clicking on the text on the left hand side will down load a copy of Ultimate Questions. Following the link to the right will take you to a web based version.
John Blanchard discusses what we would consider as human beings as the ULTIMATE QUESTIONS in life.

1 Is anyone there?
2 Is God speaking?
3 What is God like?
4 Who am I?
5 What went wrong?
6 Is sin serious?
7 Where do I go from here?
8 Can religion help?
9 Is there an answer?
10 Why the cross?
11 How can I be saved?
12 Which way now?