The Pilgrim’s Progress
John Bunyan

Chapter 1 Christian flees from the City of Destruction
Chapter 2 Christian is pursued by Obstinate and Pliable
Chapter 3 Christian and Pliable converse along the way
Chapter 4 Christian and Pliable confront the Slough of Despond
Chapter 5 Christian encounters Mr. Worldly-Wiseman
Chapter 6 Christian seeks after the village Morality
Chapter 7 Christian arrives at the Wicket Gate
Chapter 8 Christian is instructed at the House of the Interpreter
Chapter 9 Christian arrives at the Place of Deliverance
Chapter 10 Christian overtakes Simple, Sloth and Presumption
Chapter 11 Christian converses with Formalist and Hypocrisy
Chapter 12 Christian ascends Hill Difficulty
Chapter 13 Christian is approached by Timorous and Mistrust
Chapter 14 Christian meets lion-sized opposition
Chapter 15 Christian resides at Palace Beautiful
Chapter 16 Christian enters into battle with Apollyon
Chapter 17 Christian confronts the Valley of the shadow of death
Chapter 18 Christian overtakes and converses with Faithful
Chapter 19 Christian and Faithful converse with Talkative
Chapter 20 Evangelist reappears to give a time warning
Chapter 21 Christian and Faithful on trial at Vanity Fair
Chapter 22 Christian and Hopeful converse with By-Ends
Chapter 23 The silver mine and the Hill Lucre
Chapter 24 The monument of Lot’s wife
Chapter 25 Christian and Hopeful are captured by Giant Despair
Chapter 26 Christian and Hopeful reach the Delectable Mountains
Chapter 27 Christian and Hopeful first encounter Ignorance
Chapter 28 The terrifying end of Turn-Away
Chapter 29 The colourless testimony of Little Faith
Chapter 30 Christian and Hopeful encounter Flatterer
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36


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